Six companies interested in Serbian wine producer "Vrsacki vinogradi"

The public auction of Vrsacki Vinogradi will take place on January 30, as scheduled, but several days later – on February 10, 2017. The deadline for the purchase of the documentation and the deposit payment has therefore also been extended, and potential purchasers can do this until February 3.


The reason for the delay, as Danas learns unofficially, is that there are several interested purchasers, and they have been given additional time to prepare this way.

According to unconfirmed findings, six companies have announced taking part in the bidding so far. Of the local ones, there are Swisslion, Matijevic, Profinet and a company from Vrsac. Of the foreign ones, there is a Macedonian company, but also the Chinese Guan Nan, around which the affair over the attempt at a purchase of Vrsacki Vinogradi two years ago revolved.



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